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Nov 24
May 23

What keeps global IT companies in Ireland?

In her special on Irish economy (HTV1 - Paralele), Nataša Ban Leskovar explores what brings leading global companies to Ireland and why are they staying. She spoke to representatives from Google, Airbnb and IDA (Industrial Development Agency), well known economist David McWilliams and Ivan Stojanović from Irish Recruiter.
May 19
May 18
May 15
Apr 25
Apr 23

Irish Recruiter in Dnevnik on HTV

IT professionals moving to Ireland and Irish Recruiter   Irish Recruiter, represented by Ivan Stojanović, featured in the main news on the Croatian National Television and will be on again on tonight, (Thursday, 23rd of April) in Labirint (HTV1, 22:31 CET). The programme is looking into the post-crash Ireland and... read more →
Apr 20
Apr 16
Apr 02

Talent Sourcing and SEO

Why is Sourcing in Recruitment the same thing as SEO? How do you hire a perfect Recruitment Sourcer?     [divider type="thin"]     In his guest Blog post on HR Tech Europe Ivan Stojanovic, founder of Irish recruiter, answers these questions:   [divider type="thin"] "Whenever I say that Talent... read more →